Publish Your Podcast on Anchor

Starting in the world of podcasting can be quite daunting with all the options and understanding the technical side of what is required with the various systems. At it's most simple, a podcast is an audio file hosted on a web server with an accompanying RSS feed that can be read by search engines to alert them of new audio has been published. But as the various podcast platforms are battling it out for supremecy, there can be many technical variations for viewers to find your podcast. I have hosted my own files on my own web server, then I moved to SoundCloud, and finally in 2020 I have moved completely to Anchor.FM to host and distribute the storm studios radio podcast.

Anchor.FM is a platform currently owned by Spotify who have been making big moves in the podcasting world recently. Their biggest power play was to sign an exclusive rights contract with Joe Rogan for the Joe Rogan Podcast.

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